Update:   All is not happy with the hay-making.  The news is carrying stories of vets being called out because the hay and fresh cut grass (cows get fed both) is carrying shards of aluminium.   It seems that even here in Switzerland where people pride themselves on cleanness, tidiness, and recycling (the best recyclers in Europe, is the  claim) there are still idiots who throw drink cans into the fields as they drive, cycle, and walk past.  The machinery cuts them up… and the farmer is feeding out trouble to his animals.

It’s a matter of custom here that lanes and tracks through the country-side are open for people to walk and cycle. Indeed, if you have a piece of forest on your land it must be open to wanderers.

In Canton Appenzell they’re passed a law saying you can no longer go wandering nude. It had become too much of a tourist attraction (as a participator, not a spectator, sport.)  But how to deal with careless tossers?!