There is something in me maybe someday to be written; now it is folded, and folded, and folded, like a note in school.

Sharon Olds

Sometimes there’s too much needing to be done, to leave much time for the pleasure of unfolding my thoughts.  And sometimes, a story just unfolds in front of you.

It’s pukeko-chick time – and  little nursery of them came out for their road-safety training.  In Switzerland at the start of each primary school-term we see flocks of littlies lined up on one side of the road, getting their instructions in safe crossing from high-viz jacketed teachers. The littlies wear high-viz shoulder sashes on their way to and from school too.

In pukeko-land, the high-viz colours of the adults are courtesy of nature, but the littlies are dull black. Only their ridiculously long legs and big feet give their future splendour away.

So, let the pictures unfold the story…..


Look right, look left....

Look right, look left….

... and cross.

… and cross.

Waiiiiit....     There's always one....

Waiiiiit…. There’s always one….

Okay - now you hop up here.

Okay – now you hop up here.

Two up...

Two up…

....three clambering....




OK - you just need to try harder....

OK – you just need to try harder….

.. or maybe try down here....

.. or maybe try down here….

... just jump!

… just jump!

... perhaps if I come down and demonstrate?

… perhaps if I come down and demonstrate?

Oh do come on.. we're heading for the swamp.

Oh do come on.. we’re heading for the swamp.

Made it!

Made it!

..but wait. I'm exHAUSTed

..but wait. I’m exHAUSTed

And so it unfolded.  And for a while, there was nothing else to do in the world, but watch.

And then… just as I was finishing writing this…back they came past my window, heading for the lake.


IMG_2110_1 IMG_2112_1

Come on...

Come on…

Where ARE those stragglers?

Where ARE those stragglers?